How to fix an outdated home decor

The home decor world is in turmoil after a new study suggests that people spend more money on things they know are out of date.

According to the latest research by Nielsen, the average American spends $1,700 on home decor every year.

And when you consider the costs of modern technology like home automation and smart thermostats, the value of an old home is even higher.

Home appliances like the oven, washing machine and refrigerator have become more popular with younger generations.

While they might have been designed to last a lifetime, they are often outdated, often without proper maintenance.

According to the Nielsen research, more than half of Americans surveyed said they’ve replaced an appliance with a newer model, or upgraded to a newer one.

The majority of Americans also said they bought a new or used product when they were younger, which adds to the trend.

In fact, the latest Nielsen research found that over the past decade, the percentage of Americans who said they had replaced an old appliance or used a new product increased by nearly five percent.