When a flower is in bloom, what do you do with it?

A white home decoration shelf is surrounded by a series of white bulbs, each of which emits an iridescent light.

The bulbs are placed on the shelf to keep it in its natural habitat.

In the spring, the bulbs are harvested for the season’s blooming.

A year later, they are placed in a separate area where they bloom until the end of March.

It takes about five to seven weeks to harvest each bulb.

It is the last step before the bulbs can be sold.

The bulbs are sold for about $8 per bulb.

If the bulbs need to be shipped, the company also has an online store where customers can purchase them.

Flowers are purchased at a local flower shop and shipped to an off-grid home.

You can also buy them at a garden center, a hardware store, or a home improvement store.