How to make your home more colourful and colorful with an Indian home decor

The home of a family of five in Kerala has a bright, modern look to it.

It is a home that has a love for colour, and a sense of history and traditions that make it stand out from the other homes around the country.

The home is decorated with a wide variety of colours and styles.

The kitchen is also a bit of a touchstone, with a beautiful mural painted over the sink, fridge and fireplace.

But the main focus of the home is the dining room.

The dining room is the centre of the decor, with many beautiful pictures and prints that are hanging around.

The walls of the dining area are lined with colourful photos of famous Hindu and Muslim saints.

In the dining hall, many pictures of animals are painted on the walls, while many paintings of Hindu and Buddhist deities are also on the wall.

The decor of the room has been inspired by different local traditions, and it is the main highlight of the entire home.

The rooms that surround the dining table are also decorated with pictures and drawings.

These images are meant to capture the essence of the place and the times of its inhabitants, and to represent the diversity of people living there.

The pictures are arranged in the order they are seen in the home.

When you visit the house, you will see many pictures that are not in the room but on the dining floor.

You will also see many paintings on the shelves that are stacked in the dining place.

These paintings depict the people living in the village, and in the villages surrounding the village.

There is a strong connection between the different areas of Kerala, and the people there have their own way of life.

A lot of the paintings are from local artisans and they have been inspired and developed by them.

They have been chosen as part of the collection, and have been selected as the work of the artists.

One of the most interesting things about the painting is that it is not just about the people in the house.

Each painting has a different angle, which is part of their identity.

Each of the pictures shows the people of the village living together.

The paintings are usually taken from photographs of the same village, which shows that people living around the village have a shared identity and that they share a similar life style.

A house like this is one of the few places in Kerala that you will find that are decorated with images that are a mix of the past and present.

It shows that the local community lives in harmony with the environment, and that there is harmony in the people’s way of living.

It also shows that this is a place that people have a strong sense of belonging and that we are all one family.

The colour of the painting can also be changed with a touch of the finger, which makes it easy to show off a variety of different styles.

These photos also show a sense that the people are not just here to have fun.

They are here to create and create well.

People of this village have been very proud of their achievements and they pride themselves in their skills and talents.

They use their knowledge and skills to be the best in the world.

The people of this home also have a very strong sense about their heritage and their traditions.

The house was built on a hill, and all the houses that are around the hill have their names written on them.

This is very symbolic, and is meant to show that the hill has always been there.

A number of other photographs from the home show a lot of people from the area, which has a very interesting feel to it, even though the pictures are from a long time ago.

The villagers are very proud that they are not the only people who have left the village to make it a more beautiful place.

The idea behind the painting, is to show how much of the people have moved away, but how the community remains.

People are still here, they are still going about their daily business, and they still have their traditions and ways of life that reflect their own traditions.

These people have always been in the community, and still live in the same way.

In order to keep the village together, people have also built a wall to divide the village in two.

The wall is meant as a reminder to the people that they do not need to be separated, and should be living together, and sharing in the joy of the life of the community.

One thing that this painting will help people to understand is that this place was built by a small group of people who were looking for a place to settle down.

The painting can give people an idea of how they are part of this community, but also helps to remind them of their place in the universe.