Canada’s largest home decor retailer is closing its doors

Small home decor store H&M is shutting down its doors for good in Canada.

The retailer’s stock dropped as much as 30 per cent following the announcement Friday.

“H&M Canada has been a valued and loyal customer of our brand for over 15 years,” said Scott Sibbald, President and CEO of H&M Canada.

“We wish them all the best and look forward to announcing the closure of our Canadian operations.”

The company has a history of bringing innovative home decor products to Canada, including the H&am Home Decor Collection, a collection of iconic and iconic products that includes the Hennessey Pivot, a home decor product that features the iconic Hennesseys and the Houdini, a popular home decor decor item.

“Our team has spent over a decade working together with the H & M team and I am pleased to see that we are able to continue to bring products to Canadians that are truly unique and unique collections that will continue to resonate with consumers,” said Sibberald.

“The success of our products in Canada has led us to continue bringing great value and quality home decor and we are excited to continue working with our H&m Canada team to continue expanding their offerings.”

H&mm products have been available in Canada since 2012, and in Canada they have been the subject of multiple launches including the popular H&mpower, the Hams and the Home Deco series.

“For us, it’s about continuing to deliver the quality, design and creativity we’ve seen in the Haus and Home Decos,” said Andrew Mowbray, Chief Marketing Officer at H&Am Canada.