Vintage Home Decor & Statue of the Day

Burlington, VT – This statue of a young boy is part of the Burlington Collection of Contemporary Art.

The sculpture, which is in Burlington’s Museum of Art and History, was created in 1891.

The statue was given the name “Babushikara” because of his young age and his father, Babushikari, who was a child labourer.

The sculpture was donated to the museum in 1974 by the American sculptor John D. Barnard and is now the only sculpture in the museum.

The boy, who wears a mask and carries a lantern, carries a small sword and a long cane.

The inscription reads: BABUSHIKARA, the young man with a small, dark-colored sword.

This is the story of the young Babushkara who fought to defend his land from invaders.

A small piece of the story has been told here in this statue.

The sculptor, J.C. Hargreaves, created the statue in 1896.

The museum has also restored and restored several other Babushkas, including a painting by William A. Siegel.

The Babushkias and their stories are featured in the new book The Babishka Saga.

The exhibit opens Thursday, June 25 at 9:30 a.m. at the Burlington Museum of History, 645 West Main Street, Burlington, Vermont.

The exhibition will be open for two hours daily through July 21, and open to the public from July 28 through Sept. 15.

More information about the exhibit is available online at