A little bit of history about owl home decor

An owl home is a home with a small entrance, but it has many entrances that are not quite the same as a main entrance, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The commission issued a warning to consumers that the home may contain an item that is “not a safety-related product” because it may be made from “plastic, metal, or wood.”

In a press release, the agency said consumers who buy a “motorized entry” or “movable structure” from an owl home may also have a “fire or explosion hazard” because the product could “burst or catch fire.”

“If an owl is present in your home, be sure that its door, window, or other exterior door handles, or any part of the owl’s body, is in good repair and that it is in a safe condition,” the agency wrote.

The agency said that if you use an owl’s wings to decorate a window, it could also damage it.

A warning about home entry devices has been issued by the CPSC since January 2016.

The watchdog agency has warned that some home entry systems, like the one pictured, are “designed to increase the risk of fire, explosion, and other serious bodily injury.”