Why does Italy want you to dress like a Muslim?

Italians have long been known for their love of fashion, and while that can certainly be seen in their choice of the most fashionable and sophisticated homes and accessories, many also enjoy the beauty of natural stone, marble and woodwork.

However, some of the Italian interior design companies have come up with an interesting new idea to bring the natural elements of Italy’s landscape to the world of home decor.

In Italy, the country has long been considered one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

The sunsets are just stunning and it is no surprise that many have chosen to build their homes on the landscape, including the traditional stone terraces and gardens, the red and white stone walls, and the traditional villas.

The Italians have also found inspiration in traditional woodworking techniques such as marquetry and carving, which are all very modern and trendy.

The natural landscape of Italy has also been known to have a romantic side, and a new idea has been brewing to bring that romantic and natural element to the home.

The idea is called the Islamic home decor and it involves creating a more natural environment for the house, rather than using concrete, wood, or metal, which is commonly found in contemporary homes.

The Islamic home design has a number of benefits for home decorers: the walls are painted in a natural color, the stones and tiles are natural, and there are no concrete blocks.

The designs can be more visually pleasing than those found in most modern homes.

“It is an attempt to give a sense of a place where you are living, the natural surroundings, and what is happening there,” said Giuliano Percicchia, an associate professor of architecture at the University of Milan.

“With Islamic design, we can be able to create the feeling of a space where you can feel at home,” he said.

It is this sense of being at home where the designer of the new Islamic home in Rome, Fabio Mancini, comes into play.

“I want to create a space in which the naturalness of the place is in the background,” he explained.

“I am creating a space that is not only a place, but also a space of the soul, a space to be at peace.”

For Mancinis, the idea to create an Islamic home inspired by nature has a deeper meaning than just aesthetic.

“The idea is to create spaces where we can relax, to have time to do what we love,” he told RTE.

“It is to make the home more intimate and less formal.”

According to Mancis home, the Islamic design includes natural and decorative elements such as natural stone wall, natural stone floors, and natural stone furniture.

The design also uses natural elements such a wood stove and stone fireplace, and an antique stained glass window.

It is the type of home that could inspire any contemporary designer to make their home more organic.

It would also be a beautiful addition to a modern home, Mancinos wife, Elena, said.

“We want a space for people to sit and watch the sunset or the sunrise, but we also want to have privacy.”

It has been more than 20 years since Mancinas first imagined the idea of creating an Islamic house, but his passion for the idea is not going unnoticed by many.

“My husband and I have always loved natural architecture and natural surroundings,” Elena said.

The ideas he has created have inspired us, but it is only recently that we have started to think about the idea and see the impact it can have on our lives.