How to Build a Home Decor Statue with Legos

The following are a few basic rules for building your own home decor statue with Lego.

You can also build one with other Lego products or Lego accessories.1.

Set aside a few hours for carving out your statue.2.

Pick a size and design that is appropriate for your space and needs.3.

Create the base for your statue using wood, plastic, or other materials that are durable and strong.4.

Take your statue and attach it to a sturdy piece of plywood, foam, or vinyl.5.

Once you have your base, build your pedestal using a solid piece of wood, PVC pipe, foam or other material that will support your statue from one end to the other.6.

Finally, build a pedestal on top of your pedester with a solid wood or PVC pipe.7.

Once the base is completed, attach your pedestel to your statue with a rigid piece of plastic or foam.8.

Build the base on top again using the same plastic or PVC, but this time with another piece of foam or plastic that will hold the base in place.9.

Once again, attach the base to the pedestal.10.

The process is repeated until you have completed your home decor sculpture with Legoo.

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