‘I can’t believe I have to sell my home’: A Spanish homeowner loses everything after being attacked by his pet cat

In the Mediterranean home decor industry, a pet cat is an iconic symbol of luxury.

But it’s also a source of anxiety for the owners of villas, bungalows and even mansions.

The owner of a villa in the city of Palermo, Italy, recently had to sell it due to the cats.

The cat, named Kiki, was found wandering around and eventually got separated from the rest of the cats in the house.

The cat had also stolen furniture and other items from the property.

The owners were in a hurry to buy a new home when they learned of the cat’s predicament.

Kiki’s owner, who is a photographer, was upset by the situation, and decided to take action.

In a video posted to YouTube, Kiki can be seen pacing around her house, taking photos of her furniture.

In one picture, she is seen playing with her pet.

The video was shared over two million times, and garnered a huge response from the Italian internet.

The owners of the house decided to make Kiki an honorary resident, and adopted her from a shelter.

But Kiki was never adopted.

“She was so scared.

She didn’t even know who she was,” Kiki owner, Cristina, told Al Jazeera.

“She was only a kitten, but now she’s a cat.

She’s so cute.

I don’t know what to do.”

According to the owners, Kuki was found by a passerby who spotted her walking around the property, and immediately called the police.

“We were quite worried,” Cristina said.

“But I thought Kiki would be happy.”

But the next morning, Kike disappeared.

“I’m devastated, I have lost everything,” she said.

Kiki’s owners, who have been renting the property for more than 10 years, contacted the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano (The Sun).

“When I got home I went and checked it over, I couldn’t find anything,” Cristin said.

After spending time with the cat, Krijnak, they decided to move out.

“He’s a very friendly cat, he’s very friendly,” she told Il Futti Quotidiario (The Futurist).

“He is always playing around.

I couldn, I could tell he’s happy, he loves his toys, and he’s always eating his food.

He’s not the type to bite.”

After Kiki disappeared, the owners tried to get help from the local veterinary clinic.

They got an email from the veterinary clinic saying the cat was in stable condition and was going to be adopted by the local municipality.

But Kiki wasn’t the only cat to go missing in Palermi.

“There are also other cats, but I think Kiki is the only one who has been abandoned,” Cristo said.

She decided to call the police after noticing that Kiki had not left the house since the cat went missing.

“When I called the local police, they said Kiki has been adopted,” she explained.

“They said she had been adopted by someone else, but they did not give us the name of the owner.”

It was only after the police arrived that Kki was returned home.

Krijeak said the cat had already been adopted.

The city of Gioia di Palermos has been inundated with calls about the cat.

“It’s very upsetting, but the police are doing their best to solve this case,” said police inspector Giuseppe De Luca.

The owner of the villa was contacted by the police but the cat is still missing.